We live in a world where we have easy access to excitement, laughter and bright colors, always vying for our attention. But there is something very beautiful to be said for the quiet moments that might often get overlooked. This month, I was drawn to a couple of picture books with a little more reflection and quiet moments, but with equally captivating stories and stunning illustration as the more exciting picture books that easily cry out for our attention.

Teacup, written by Rebecca Young and illustrated by Matt Ottley is a wondrous story of a boy and his teacup looking for a new place to live. He journeys through the magnificently created paintings of the tumultuous ocean in search of his new home.

Ottley's paintings full of texture, interesting layout design and perspective really capture the sense of quiet adventure the boy takes in search of his new home. His paintings pair perfectly with Young's beautifully written lyrical text, creating a unique experience of nature on each page.

It was so quiet I could hear a pindrop by author and illustrator, Andy Goodman is a very simple yet imaginative picture book with opportunities for observing and reflecting on each spread. Unlike Teacup, the painterly illustrations in It was so quiet rely on simple graphic elements, bold colors and stark silhouettes to create moments to get lost in throughout the book.

As we drift from the colder weather to the blooms and rain showers of spring, I hope you have a chance to get lost in the stories and illustrations of these more quiet picture books before the excitement and bustling activities of summer come rolling in. Time always flies before we know it, especially if we don't take a moment to sit back and take it all in.


Sarah Momo Romero is a Japanese Peruvian American artist, a graphic designer by day and children's book author and illustrator by night. Sarah is an active SCBWI member who draws inspiration from her life in sunny Los Angeles with her husband/creative partner and dog/infamous escape artist, Peanut. Her debut picture book, "Wake Up, Little Bat!" is out now through Clear Fork Publishing!

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