PictureHi there, I am in love with this book. It doesn't hurt that it's from a former student, Alexandria Giardino, but regardless it sings and shines with an exquisite light evoking the mystery of moonlight, the warmth of the sun, and the wonders of the earth. It also doesn't hurt that it's illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Felicita Salas.

Here's what makes this book so wonderful in terms of text and story:

The book reveals a tremendous amount about its subject, the great poet Pablo Neruda, with spare lyrical language that utilizes metaphor, analogy, and sensory details to bring us right into how Neruda came to write the poem Ode to an Onion with the help of his contrasting character/soul mate/muse/partner Matilde Urrutia. It isn't a birth to death biography but instead focuses on a particular event at a specific time. The images are a perfect match of beauty, quirkiness, and accessibility that you will fall equally in love with. I'm delighted to say that Ode to an Onion is already receiving accolades and is sure to win all sorts of awards. I hope you'll buy it and support everyone involved, including your own learning.

Have a watch of this video to see how they did it.